About Us

Ideas Matter. Throughout all of human existence, great ideas have caused tectonic shifts in the way we think, live, work, play, and heal. But having a great idea isn’t enough. Great ideas must be nurtured, developed, and driven with singular focus and relentless passion.

IM Strategic Partners (“IMSP”) was founded on the principle that strategic thinking must be coupled with strategic execution to achieve success… and a little luck along the way is nice, too.

Recognizing the changing landscape of healthcare, and health and wellness generally, IMSP was founded by Chance Gibson in 2008 on the principle that the challenges we face are too big for any one organization, or even an entire industry sector, to solve alone. Effectively addressing the issue of the health of America requires the collaboration of traditionally non-traditional partners. Insurance companies must partner with fitness companies, food companies must partner with tech companies, beverage companies must partner with healthcare professional societies, and everyone must learn to work within an ever-changing regulatory environment.